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Hostdime Data Center

The seven-story facility's modern facade is home to Hostdime's premier data center. This is one of the newest spaces along the I-4 corridor in the heart of Eatonville, Florida. This office will hold all of HostDime's U.S.-based employees and three floors of data center space, which Baker Barrios designed. Acme Glass was awarded the contract to install Florida Product Approved hurricane-rated glazing.

This project's aesthetic glass curtain wall facade features a slanted glazed curtain wall with the building's bright color scheme. Acme Glass utilized YKK aluminum curtain walls and entrances to achieve the building's face. Acme Glass has proud to have another project that will shape central Florida.

Building/Project Type: Commercial

Architect: Baker Barrios Architects

General Contractor: Robins & Morton Construction Company

Completion Date: 8/1/2023

Project Size: 17,000 Sq. Ft

Glass Systems Used: YKK YHC 300 SSG Curtain Wall, YCW 750 SSG Curtain Wall, 35D Medium Stile Entrances

Glass Used:

-1" Insulated Glass with SNR43 Low E Coating

-1 5/16" Insulated Laminated Glass with SNR43 Low E Coating


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